Janna Ducich 

VP and Chief Marketing Officer 


Gail Eileen Gibford Capdepon 

AVP Brand, Sponsorships and Creative Services 



We would like to briefly go over how our App and contents are structured, the general purpose of each of these subdivisions, and AT&T’s participation within.  

In essence, the content we have created is divided into two large sections. The first, Aura XR, focuses solely on cultural diffusion and education. It includes specialized tours that focus on the use of Augmented Reality content. The second, Mi AT&T XR, is designed as an additional sales, marketing, and customer service tool that can be used by AT&T at will. It is modular in nature so it can be reshaped to meet marketing needs given changing circumstances. Information from both of these sections is fed into a loyalty system that tallies specific actions within the App, translates it into points that can subsequently be used to incentivize sales through promotions, discounts, etc. This system also has the additional benefit of increasing cultural diffusion and, possibly, raising funds for the restoration of archaeological sites through the sale of additional content – always presented within the framework of social responsibility.  

Aura XR is fully endorsed and allied with the National Institute of Anthropology and History, the Coordination of Cultural and Historical Memory of the Presidency of the Republic, the Secretariat of Public Education and the Secretariat of Tourism, through the INAH Board of Trustees under the framework of the Project for the better understanding, assessment and dissemination of the Mesoamerican past. 

As of now, the augmented educational guides housed within Aura XR include 9 Mexican archaeological sites, all of them declared as UNESCO world heritage sites. All of which are included within INAH’s top 20 areas with the highest visitor influx: 


Teotihuacán                                          5,232,917 

Chichen Itza                                          3,576,906 

Palenque                                               1,213,188 

Monte Alban                                        737,123 

Tajin                                                       648,738 

Uxmal                                                    474,750 

Xochicalco                                            142,970 

Paquimé                                                51,858 

Calakmul                                               31,474 


*12,109,926 Combined Annual Visitors 

 * Figures taken from Datatur’s 2019 Statistical Compendium of Tourism in Mexico, of which 70% are national visitors and 30% foreign visitors. 

(And the distribution of the educational game with extended reality Tlatoani in an audience of 38,000 people in Mexico and the United States.) 



App dedicated to recovering the historical memory of the people of Mexico, filling the gap between historical, artistic and cultural information with the general public, creating experiences of extended reality, educational and accessible. 

 The experiences are hosted in the Aura XR App where a free experience is offered and another with a cost, the remainder of the cost to the public will go to works of the INAH Board for the restoration of INAH archaeological sites. 


It is a tool to optimize AT&T services and maximize the use of the loyalty of the Mexican public towards the brand, which is generated with the sponsorship of this project. My AT&T XR offers users exclusive experiences: 


Online shopping experiences in virtual and extended reality. 

Quick payment of additional airtime and phone bill. 

Exclusive experiences based around augmented reality. 

User education and big data analysis. 

Filter for calls to the Call center. 

Prizes using the built-it point system.  

On accessing the experiences sponsored by AT&T, the user is prompted to download the My AT&T XR application to enjoy free and exclusive experiences contained in the App. Users that enjoy the experiences will earn points that can be redeemed in the App store. 

The modular nature of the app allows for additional content to be stored. As it is structured now, the app includes a game built around the Mexican Soccer League, a hub where users can see the points they’ve gained and where they can be redeemed, and educational content based on frequently asked questions (mostly bill related). This was designed with the explicit intent of reducing the number of calls to the call center.



1.0) Background and rationale 


1.1) The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) received an invitation from the Office of the Presidency of the Republic to actively participate in the events of this year relating to two anniversaries: The first, the seven hundredth year anniversary of the founding Mexico-Tenochtitlán, and second, the five hundredth anniversary of its invasion (August 13, 1521). 


1.2) INAH established the following strategic objectives regarding its participation plan for these commemorations: 


a) Rekindle historical memory 

b) Reaffirm the diversity of the Mexican nation: ethnic, linguistic, geographical and cultural 

c) Ponder the implications and difficult moments that arose during the emergence of the nation 

d) Reaffirm the values, aspirations and principles that have motivated the struggles of the Mexican people 

e) Reinforce the values of justice, peace, democracy, gender equality, the struggle against poverty and economic inequality of opportunities 

f) Provide a hopeful perspective towards the future. 


1.3) With these principles and within the framework of these commemorations, the Board of INAH, A.C. and its parent institute (INAH), began the organization of a broad cultural dissemination campaign on the Mesoamerican past of Mexico, which will use a series of strategic tools: 


a) Virtual contents focusing on pre-Hispanic Mexican civilizations 

b) The use and broad applications of immersive technologies 


1.4) A guiding hypothesis of our work centers around generating national and international focus towards the magnificence of pre-Hispanic cultures. Digital content generation will have a cohesive effect that will reinforce the great Mexican past with that of the present. Consequently, this cohesion will have a positive influence on the growing problem of identity centered violence.  


1.5) Since the beginning of the activities of the Board of the INAH, A.C., an alliance was established with the AURA XR, a company that specializes in virtual technology and extended reality. A true synergy was established with the intent of planning, developing and implementing a broad national and international cultural dissemination campaign, which includes research, systematization and content production to create XR guided tours and educational video games with extended reality. The immediate focus is centered on the nine archaeological zones declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Sites. 

Teotihuacan, State of Mexico 

Monte Alban, Oaxaca 

Chichén Itzá, Yucatan 

Uxmal, Yucatan 

Palenque, Chiapas 

Paquimé, Chihuahua 

Xochicalco, Morelos 

El Tajín, Veracruz 

Calakmul, Campeche 


And in the CDMX – XR guided tours of: 


The main city of Tenochtitlán 

The archaeological zone of the Templo Mayor 

Templo Mayor Museum 


1.6) Both the cultural dissemination campaign using extended reality content, as well as the virtual reality spaces created will be taken to all public and private primary, secondary and preparatory schools in the country; in addition to public and private universities. 


1.7) The use of XR guided tours and virtual reality spaces will be disseminated in the 50 consulates of Mexico, installed in their waiting rooms. The same virtual reality instruments will be sent to organizations related to Mexican-American communities in the United States. 


1.8) Virtual reality spaces will be negotiated with museums and universities at the international level in: Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, permanently and beyond the 2021 festivities. 


1.9) Regarding the development of the cultural dissemination campaign at the national and international levels, we have the support and institutional cooperation of the Coordination of Historical and Cultural Memory of Mexico of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, with the Ministry of Culture , the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the governments of the 32 federal entities including Mexico City and the most important tourist municipalities. 


1.10) The Board of INAH, A.C. is responsible for settling the legal, organizational and practical requirements needed in order to develop the national and international dissemination campaign. To do this, it has developed coordination and collaboration work within the National Institute of Anthropology and History: with its Director, anthropologist Diego Prieto, with the National Archeology Coordination; with the General Directorate of World Heritage and with the Archeology Council. This has been done to ensure the historiographic precision and depth of the contents related to Mesoamerica. Consequently, we have the support of INAH archaeologists, anthropologists, ethnologists, ethno-biologists and historians. 


1.11) To avoid misunderstandings and deconstruct alleged conflicts of interest, it is pertinent to distinguish three institutions whose role and institutional vocation is different, both in legal and practical terms: the parent company is the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), which is a fundamental part of the Ministry of Culture, on the other hand, we have the Board of Trustees of the National Museum of Anthropology, AC, whose corporate purpose is to support that museum, and only that museum, in the development of its projects; and we have a much broader vocation and social purpose; to the Board of Trustees of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), AC, whose legal and functional purpose is to be an additional force in helping INAH in the search for material and financial resources at the national and international level, for the tasks of protection, restoration , dissemination. 


1.12) It should be noted that the INAH and the INAH Board of Trustees explicitly decided to request collaboration with private companies for various substantive reasons that apply to the short, medium and long term. We’d like to point out that INAH, as a cultural institution, does not find it inappropriate to appear with a sponsor as a donor of resources for a project of cultural dissemination regarding our heritage, at the national and international levels. 


1.13) Naturally a concrete relationship could be established between the sponsor and the Board of INAH, AC, for donation purposes that would give life to the campaign to disseminate Mesoamerican cultures. This also generates a joint presence within the advertisements and credits of said campaign, in guide applications, video games and virtual reality spaces. Which is what is implied from the moment in which both parties share support for the same ideological objectives: educational, technological and community-centered. It is with this Board of INAH, A.C. that the relationship with the sponsor is established under a very important consideration: the Board of the INAH, A.C. is categorized as a “donatary” and is authorized certain tax exemptions by the SAT. 



2.1) Brand sponsorship within the largest, and most significant cultural spaces in Mesoamerican culture. 


2.2) As masses of current and potential customers it is important to consider: 


a) From a marketing perspective, consider that the aforementioned archaeological zones gather 12,109,926 combined annual visitors, of which 70% are national visitors and 30% are foreign visitors. 


b) We plan to add the 28 million elementary, middle, high school and university students to this space who can naturally be considered potential clients of our sponsor’s products and services. 


c) Approximately five million Mexicans who attend the waiting rooms of the 50 consulates in the United States. To which are added a considerable part of the 38 million people of all ages that make up the Mexican and Mexican-American communities living in the United States. 


d) A significant part of the young people among the 12 million Mexicans from the original communities who will have access to these experiences as a link between them and the Mesoamerican culture will serve as a strong link with the communities. 


2.3) The products related to cultural diffusion – XR guided tours and video games – promoted by the INAH, with the contribution and brand in sight of our sponsor, will be subjectively considered as a connection with the celebrations of the presidency of historical memory of 2021. 


2.4) Our proposal represents, for the sponsor, the possibility of participating actively in a large cultural dissemination project that will allow it to establish a synergistic relationship with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and its Board of Trustees. The support of the sponsor will remain in the memory of the continent and the world. The contribution is a way to collaborate with the construction of peace within Mexican society. That is, it is an entrance to the deep reality of Mexico that goes beyond advertising, in fact, it is to be part of the history of Mexico through its collaboration with the dissemination of its Mesoamerican culture. 


2.6) In the same way, the values related to the collective well-being of potential clients will be included in each one of the XR guided tours from the cessation of violence, gender equality, education, democratic life, defense of the cultural heritage of Mexico and humanity – taking into consideration the relationships of value, satisfaction, emotion as to satisfy the expectations of potential clients. 


3.0) Work plan 



The INAH Board of Trustees issues a tax-deductible receipt in the amount of 1,000,000 USD that will be used to produce the contents and complete the Project “For a better understanding of the Mesoamerican Past.” 


9 XR Guides 

In April 2021, the parallel production of extended reality guides relating to the 9 World Heritage Sites will begin. This would be a co-production with the National Institute of Anthropology and History, which will provide the participation of the specialists necessary to create these unique experiences 



Xochicalco will be the first experience that we will publish commemorating the summer solstice, under the coordination of the commission of World Heritage Sites of the INAH. 


Campaign Publication 

On September 16 we will debut the campaign celebrating the Independence of Mexico which will coincide with the agenda set by the Coordination of Cultural and Historical Memory of the Presidency of the Republic. Therefore, we will enjoy a high level of diffusion. 



Tenochtitlán and Museo del Templo Mayor 

On December 12, a popular date in the Mexican Calendar due to its historical connotation, we debut the tour of Ancient Tenochtitlan, our great lost city which we will recover and learn to value in a virtual way. 



In parallel, the pilot project of the Extended Reality Educational Game «Tlatoani» will be presented. Taking advantage of the materials produced to generate the contents of the guided visits, Aura XR will produce a game that can be distributed to schools, consulates and essentially anywhere. 



2.7) Financial proposal 


Our invitation to AT&T is to join as a sponsor for the production of: 


9 Extended Reality Guides to World Heritage Sites. 

3 XR guided tours of Tenochtitlan. 

Video Game titled «Tlatoani» for schools and consulates. 


The donation we request from AT&T is $ 1,000,000 USD that will allow us to design and put into operation the aforementioned experiences. 


As stated in this proposal, the content contribution includes the development of the Mi AT&T XR App, which has a monthly maintenance cost of $ 6,000 USD but will be self-sustaining with the sales generated in the store and the savings to the Call Center.